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We are fuelled apparel

Welcome to Fuelled Apparel – Your partner for exceptional branded clothing and merchandise solutions for the Motorcycle, Automotive, Powersports and Fashion industries.​

Benefit from over two decades of industry-leading experience as our dedicated in-house design, development, and sourcing teams leverage their knowledge to deliver premium products.


Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics – we ensure your apparel not only aligns with your brand identity but also meets stringent market regulations and certifications.

why choose us?

Tailored Solutions: Our team crafts bespoke clothing solutions, aligning seamlessly with your brand vision and specific requirements.

Industry Expertise: With a robust track record spanning more than 20 years, our seasoned professionals understand the nuances of the motorcycle, automotive, and sports fashion industries.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of the curve with products that adhere to market-specific regulations and certifications, giving you a competitive edge when selling your products internationally.


from concept to reality



We employ a strategic blend of research and creative ingenuity to meticulously craft product concepts tailored to meet your unique needs and align seamlessly with your brand guidelines. Unlike conventional logo stamping practices, our commitment lies in creating bespoke products that are intricately designed and made specifically for your brand, ensuring a distinctive and authentic presence in the market.



With our meticulous approach to product development, our team designs and crafts tech-packs that serve as the foundation for transforming ideas into premium products, ensuring a consistent and high-quality range. From fabrics and washes to prints and trims, each element is carefully developed as part of our comprehensive product program. Employing a thorough approval process, we actively collaborate with our clients throughout the development phase, ensuring that every product aligns perfectly with the unique requirements and identity of the brand.



We excel in the efficient management of the CE certification process for our clients, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to ensure our product ranges align seamlessly with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) regulations. Our in-depth knowledge empowers clients to develop various product categories, spanning motorcycle riding jackets, gloves, boots, helmets, and eyewear, all crafted to meet the rigorous standards of CE certification.



At Fuelled Apparel, we take pride in overseeing the entire production process through our meticulously chosen manufacturers, all of whom adhere to stringent ethical standards. Rigorous testing during production, coupled with post-production inspections, is standard practice for every product in our development portfolio. This commitment guarantees that we consistently deliver a high-quality range to our valued clients and customers, meeting and exceeding expectations


supply chain

We simplify your supply chain by seamlessly managing the entire process – from product order to delivery, directly from the factory to your warehouse or office. Our capabilities extend to efficiently handling drop-ship requirements, accommodating multiple warehouse locations. Trust us to streamline your logistics, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient supply chain management experience.

five steps that we take to support you in turning ideas into finished products

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